DMV Test Preparation

DMV Test Preparation

Behind the Wheel Test

For those adults who just want a brush up before their DMV test, we can help. We do a 90 minute session and give you test tips and techniques. We will run you through 2 full practice driving tests and find out if you are ready!

We spend our entire final lesson focused completely on preparation for the DMV test. We practice exclusively in the same areas where tests are given, so students are familiar and comfortable with those situations they might encounter. (Please note: it is against DMV rules for any driving school to follow exact driving test routes. We do a very close approximation, though!)

2 full practice tests will be given to each student, and full evaluations of student progress will be given.

Our staff even includes a former DMV test examiner!

He has fully briefed our staff of instructors on test procedures and goals. We know quite well what the examiners will expect of you, and we pass that knowledge along to you."

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