Defensive Driving Courses to improve your skills

Take a 90 minute defensive driving course, and you will be amazed at just how much we can teach you (even after all these years!) More than anything else, we can show you how to anticipate problems before they become dangerous. You will learn where to look, what to do to prepare "just in case," and how to evaluate your options for avoiding the trouble when it happens.

Brush up Lessons to keep you driving safely

Let’s face it: you’ve been doing it "your way" for years, and you may have slipped into some bad habits. And the driving environment has changed so much even in the last few years. There is more traffic than ever, and things are moving a lot faster than they ever did before. We can teach you techniques that will keep you out of collisions, and keep you safe.

As a "seasoned citizen," it is more important now than ever that you keep your skills sharp, and do it by the book. Accidents or tickets can cause the DMV to take a close look at your age and skills, and it can really be tough to get your license back if you lose it.

Lost your License? We can help you GET IT BACK!

It is upsetting to lose you license after many good years of driving. Many times they are taken away for illegitimate reasons. Other times, a few brush-up lessons is all it takes to get you back up to speed, and get your license back.

We have many years of experience with the Driver Safety branch of DMV. The process is inconvenient, but we can guide you through it. We even have an instructor on staff who worked for DMV on these cases for more than 20 years.